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Artisanal Surf Inspired Artwork Handcrafted From Rare & Exotic Woods

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About Vince

Vince Hinger is a woodworker deluxe. After 9 years of professional cabinetmaking experience, this craftsman took his skills up a notch and spent the next eight years installing fine wine rooms in some of Orange County’s most elaborate homes. As a result, Vince came away with some pretty exotic wood scraps. But a little scrap goes a long way in the art of miniatures.

Take Vince’s mini surfboard designs. These delightful pieces are constructed of woods that can include African mahogany, Amarillo, bocate, bolsa, bloodwood, cocobolo, ebony, holly, maple, padauk, purple heart, tulip and walnut. The contrast created by the different colors and grains in these woods, and the masterfully way Vince pieces them together, is what makes these pieces stand out.

Rare & Exotic Woods


Upcoming Shows

Fridays and Saturdays, February-April, 2016, Pier Plaza Art Afaire
March 12 2016, Whale of a Day, Palos Verdes